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Aalborg University (AAU) is a young university with only 40 years of history. Since its establishment in 1974, AAU has been characterised by a problem-based and project-oriented teaching method (PBL) – also called the Aalborg Model, and by extensive collaboration with the surrounding society.  Despite the fact that AAU is a fairly young university, it is already ranking amongst the best and most acknowledged international universities in the world. Aalborg University strives to better its position for the future by constantly raising the bar in order to maintain a strong learning curve. AAU awards Bachelors, Master’s, Ph.D. and Doctoral degrees in various fields within the different programmes, institutes and centres. Aalborg University employs more than 4,600 staff of which more than 2,900 are academic staff. More than 20.000 students are enrolled at Aalborg University. The main teaching and study form at AAU is problem based and project organised learning (PBL). This “Aalborg PBL Model” builds bridges between the various approaches to teaching, research and innovation, and it connects students and researchers. Studies are characterised by problemsolving groupwork centered on authentic projects, often solved in cooperation with the business world. Besides giving the students the chance to apply theory to real-life issues, PBL provide graduates with unique problem solving competences.

Department of Materials and Production is a wide-ranging research and educational environment, with the mission of meeting future demands for new materials and production systems by directing the entire value chain, from basic material understanding, materials’ applications in mechanical constructions, to industrial production and management. Knowledge building is based on strategic and application-oriented research with a generic character. The research and teaching of the department is oriented towards production conditions in the private and public sector and contain elements such as production, materials science, logistics, IT, organisation, product development, automation, mechanics and management.



The Aalborg University will contribute to the training of academic staff and support the process of  eveloping research policies and codes of research at the Partner Country universities. AAU will contribute to the organisation of the RISS at the Partner Country universities and to the running of training sessions for RISS staff. AAU will have important role on the WP2 «Develop new teaching and mentoring methodologies that enhance studnets’ research skills» as Co-lead together with PUT. AAU will contribute to the dissemination activities and quality evaluation of the project.


Kjeld Nielsen, associate professor, Steering Committee Member, has a PhD in Mass Customization, is responsible for daily operation as study coordinator and participate in accreditation and re-accreditation process with master study programs. He has before he started his academic career a long successfully career in the private sector as entrepreneur and management, with high experiences in collaboration across organizations, countries, and cultures.



Thomas Ditlev Bruno, associate professor, Quality Committee Member, holds a Ph.D. in product configuration and product modelling. His primary research interests are mass customization, product modelling, information modelling, product configuration, product architecture, modularity and sustainability issues related to mass customization and modularity. He has extensive experience teaching and supervising using the Problem Based Learning Paradigm.



Stig Brink Taps, associate professor, part-time, Management Committee Member, holds  Ph.D in configuration of manufacturing processes and primary research in configuration of international sustainable manufacturing firms. He has extensive experience teaching and supervision using the Problem Learning Paradigm. Before his academic career he have extensive international management experience.



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Kjeld Nielsen

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University: www.aau.dk

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