University of Prishtina

Short description of the University

The University of Prishtina was established in 1970.  It is the biggest higher education institution in the country, with 42.006 students, above 1.000 academic staff, and around 350 administrative staff members. University offers 142 study programs, in 3 study cycles (Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate).

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FECE), as a project partner, is one of the 13 academic units of the university. With a half-century of academic tradition in teaching/learning and research, as of                  today, FECE has > 2000 students, while teaching process is supported by 80 academic staff, full time and part time. Faculty, in country and regional level, is known for:

  • Comparable study programs with European Universities – Evaluation from International experts
  • High percentage of alumni employment. Cooperation with industry and other universities. Industrial Advisory Board
  • Publications in international indexed scientific journals and conferences (ISI, Scopus, IEEE)
  • Mandatory ECTS credited Internship. Mobility opportunities for staff and students. ECTS transfer and recognition
  • Successful implementation of research and capacity building projects
  • Implementing Bologna Action Lines since 2001
  • Successful alumni, considered as main development drivers of the Electrical and Computer Engineering sector
  • Role of the University in this project

FECE strategic orientation is to further develop research and innovation capacities. With the project implementation we aim to:

  • Enhance the staff capacities and their methodologies so that they effectively equip the graduate level students with the skills to conduct independent research
  • Enhance the mentors’ capacities to effectively guide the students in their research activity
  • Enhance the research capacities of the academic and managerial staff through study visits and tailored trainings
  • Strengthen the managerial capacities for research activities and innovation at faculty level by setting dedicated research and innovation support structures
  • Promote research excellence and innovation at faculty, university, national and international level

Staff involved in the project: photo and short BIO

The staff involved in the project implementation has expertise on:

  • Producing and publishing in international peer review journal and conferences. Publications in ISI (Clarivate’s) and Scopus indexed journals and IEEE conferences
  • Joint research thesis mentoring with peers from international universities.  Experience on supervision of graduate level research work.
  • Preparation and management of research projects. Staff involved in project serves as reviewers for international indexed journals.
  • Drafting the different university and national wide legislation acts that regulate research work such as: Regulation on doctoral studies, National Qualification Level 8 indicators, Regulation on promotion of university staff based on research productivity etc.
  • Managing the Research sector at university and faculty level.
  • Managing EU capacity building projects.

Contact Person

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Mimoza Ibrani

E-mail: [email protected]

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Prishtina

Mimoza Ibrani has 16 years of experience in university teaching and research. She has a PhD in ICT field and is author of several publications in international journals and conferences. Currently she holds the position of the Vice Rector at UP. She served for 5 years as Director of Academic Development Office contributing on developing:  Research support policies, Quality Assurance for teaching and research, ECTS guidelines, policies for bridging the gap industry-academy and student support services.  On period 2012-2020 she was the Vice Dean for academic issues at Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She served as a coordinator for a few research and higher education capacity building international projects. She serves as a reviewer for international scientific journals and has experience on supervising master and PhD students.

Mimoza Ibrani is a member of Project Steering Committee.

Isak Shabani has 18 years of experience in university teaching and research. He has a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering and is author of several publications in international journals and conferences. He is an Associate Professor, currently he holds the position of the Dean of Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UP. He served for 12 years as Director of Information technology at UP.  His research interests include Distributed systems, Web services, HCI, Systems design and ICT in Education. He was the author and leader of the most important project at the UP “Digitalization of academic and administrative services”. For four years, he was the representative of the UP in the European Distance and e-Learning Network. Coordinator and member of several science and education capacity-building projects under Tempus, Erasmus+ framework and Horizon 2020. He serves as a reviewer for international scientific journals.

Isak Shabani is a member of Project Quality Committee.

Hëna Maloku Berzati received the B.Sc. degree in Telecommunication from Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FECE), University of Prishtina, in 2008, and the M.Sc. degree in Telecommunications form the University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA, in 2011. From 2008 to 2010 she was project coordinator for “Enhancing Telecommunication Education in Kosovo” joint project with FECE and University of Pittsburgh. Since 2013, she is Coordinator for Academic Development at faculty level. She finished her Ph.D. studies at FECE in May 2019. She spent one year, between April 2014 and April 2015, as a graduate researcher at the City University of London, U.K. under the supervision of Prof.Dr. Muttukrishnan Rajarajan. In February 2020, she was elected assistant professor for a group of ICT courses in the Telecommunications department at FECE. She has authored and co-authored several ISI journal and conference papers. She has been member of several scientific projects at FECE and currently is participating in three ongoing scientific projects, including “Developing Research and Innovation Capacities in Albania and Kosovo”, Erasmus + projects supported by EU where she serves as Project Management Committee member.


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