Universum College

Universum College (UC) is a centre for scholarship, research, and creative activity involving the creation, testing, and dissemination of knowledge, understanding, expressions, and techniques. UC aims to provide education and training to enable individuals to realize their full potential. As a private university, UC has a particular responsibility to address societal issues and needs through scholarship, research, and creative activity. The faculty aims to enhance the level of education offered and improve the teaching/learning environments. UC strives for excellence in fulfilling its central and primary purposes of teaching, scholarship, and research and places particular emphasis on the quality of teaching. UC is among the richest education institutions in terms of international partners and collaborations; within its international network there are prominent partners such as London School of Economics, Chichester College, Tallin University of Technology, Middlesex University, European University of Tirana, Kadir Has Universitesi, Middle East Technical University, and many more. UC has three campuses around Kosovo and the organisation currently is consisted of more than 200 highly qualified staff members.


The Universum College mission is building upon the following strategic pillars:

–        Student and Learning at the Center;

–        Quality Improvement;

–        Innovation and Entrepreneurship;

–        Digital Transformation;

–        Internationalization;

One of the most significant pillar in UC is the internationalization as it enables us to be in compliance with the changes and bring all the benefits of unity and cooperation to our students and staff. Internationalization enables us to exchange, learn and teach the best practices in education, culture, customs and places. Thus far, UC has 78 Credit Mobility agreements and 6 active Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education projects. Our institution has more KA1 and KA2 projects than the majority of HEIs in Kosovo.

Role of the Uni in this project

The activities that will be held at Universum College aim to establishing a centre and building human capacities that promote and implement best practices on institutional level to produce quality research. The activities will start with trainings of staff to prepare and manage competitive research and also combined with skills and effective strategies for fundraising. People involved in the project implementation will also be part of leadership skills that are important aspect of running a successful centre.

Universum will lead the work package for ensuring the highest quality possible during the project implementation.

  • Staff involved in the project:

Gezim Turkeshi – Gezim Turkeshi is a professor of marketing and entrepreneurship in the business department at Universum College. Mr. Turkeshi completed his bachelor’s degree at Rochester Institute of Technology in Pristina in Business Management and Media and Graphic Communication.

He completed his master’s degree at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in a master’s program in applied research in business and economics with a concentration in entrepreneurship. He completed his PhD in 2018 at the same university in marketing strategy and consumer behavior. Of interest in the research spectrum are market segmentation, brand personality, customer loyalty and growth of new ventures. Furthermore, Mr. Turkeshi has experience in many fields and has worked in various companies in Kosovo and Spain.

Astrit Rexhepi – Professor Astrit Rexhepi did his MPhil / PhD studies at the School of Electronics and Physical Sciences, Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing, University of Surrey, Guildford United Kingdom, in the field of Computer Vision under the supervision of Professor Emeritus Azriel Rosenfeld ( from The University of Maryland, College Park, USA), Professor Farzin Mokhtarian and Professor Josef Kittler ( from The University of Surrey). For three years in row he has ben Research Assistant of the Rabin Professor Emeritus Azriel Rosenfeld in the Center for Automation Research of the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland at College Park (USA). Afterwards, he continued with his research ideas and collaborations with Professor Emeritus Herman Chernoff at Harvard University and MIT. Currently, he is working as Professor at LSE in Data Science program of the University of London and is strongly involved
in the Mathematical Modelling of Psychological events in the Global Financial Systems.

Armend Berisha –  Armend has been professionally involved in education leadership for six years where he developed his interests to working on creating thoughtful educational environments that ensure student growth and optimize student success, thus, maximizing the educational impact for students and society. Currently, he is leading and designing the Strategy for Student Success at  Universum College, a strategy that aims to assist and support students from unprivileged backgrounds to succeed in college and acquire the benefits that the higher education diploma intends to provide.



Contact person:

Gentiana Berisha – [email protected]

Univeristy official website: www.universum-ks.org