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University profile:

POLIS University (U_POLIS) is a young, yet ambitious institution, research-led university, supporting a focused range of core disciplines in the field of architecture, design, civil engineering, urban planning and environmental management.  U_POLIS delivers education by the highest academic standards and through applied and scientific research it develops and promotes “scientific excellence and innovation”. The university is comprised by 3 main units: Faculty of Research and Development, Faculty of Architecture and Design and Faculty of Planning, Environment and Urban Management.

Through its dedicated research departments and centres as well as inter-departmental units (Department of Scientific Research, Department of Applied Research, Sustainability_LAB, MAD_Centre, Observatory of Mediterranean Basin and Innovation Factory), POLIS seeks to conduct and deliver relevant research with a particular focus on the Albanian, and regional context, acting also as a regional hub in the Western Balkans for students, academics and national and international professionals.

POLIS has an extensive network of domestic and foreign partners and very internationally oriented. The university has signed the Bologna’s Magna Charta Universitatum and has several affiliations and partnerships including the EAAE, AESOP, ECLAS, several universities of the EU, a joint Master Degree Diploma with IHS/ Erasmus Rotterdam, a joint MBA with Ipag Business School, Paris and a double degree PhD Program, with Ferrara University in Italy.

Given its expertise and experience, U_POLIS can confidently enter into partnerships be it of a national and international nature and ensure the successful implementation of projects. In fact, U_POLIS has been participating in several national and international projects, including H2020, Erasmus+ and Tempus projects. It is also the first and only Albanian HEI by far to manage a Tempus project as the grant holder.

Role in the project:

U_POLIS is in charge of the general management and overall coordination of the project thus responsible for the WP8 Management of the Project. It will furthermore coordinate the activities in Work Package 4 “Develop Institutional Capacities for Research” and co-lead of the Work Package 1 “Preparation” together with the University of Gjakova. It will also support the tasks in other packages as well. In its position as the applicant institution, U_POLIS will establish and maintain a close and transparent communication with all the partner institutions, ensuring to the best of its capacities the successful implementation of the project.

Flora Krasniqi:

PhD cand. on Economic Sciences; International University of Struga; MSc. Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Environment, 2013; MSc. University of Tirana; Philology Faculty, Journalism Department, 2001; MSc. Agriculture University of Tirana; Faculty of Forestry, title: Forestry Engineer, 1998

Flora Krasniqi is Head of International Unit and Projects at Polis University.

She has coordinated: Tempus Projects: Developing and Adapting Professional Programs for Energy Efficiency in the Western Balkans/DAPEEWB 543782-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-AL-TEMPUS JPCR; Connecting Science Society Collaboration Network for Sustainable Development/ CONSUS 543742- TEMPUS-1-2013-1-AT-TEMPUS-JPHES; Coordinator of Erasmus+ Projects: GRaduates Advancement and Development of University capacities in Albania/GRADUA)/ 585961-EPP-1-2017-1-AL-EPPKA-CBHE-SP; Developing and Improving Research and Innovation Capacities in Albania and Kosovo/ DRIVE/ 610307-EPP-1-20191-AL-EPPKA-CBHE-JP; Accelerating Western Balkans University Modernization by Introducing Virtual Technologies/ Vtech&WBUni 610281-EPP-1-20191-AL-EPPKA-CBHE-JP;  Project Coordinator for: “Creative Academy” project coordinated by SOVVA, Slovakia; Project Coordinator of the first Energy Community Summer School; Project Coordinator of “YES/ Youth employment skills” EU funded project; Project Coordinator of Innovation Challenge Project, EU funded project: Establishing a FabLab: An Open Space to Co-Innovate

The main duties: writing, management and reporting for National and International Projects such as Erasmus +, Horizon 2020 etc. coordinator for research and development;

Academic Interest: Lecturer on “Research Methods”. “Project Cycle Management”; Author and Co- author of many publications

Elona Karafili:

PhD, POLIS University / Ferrara University, focused on “Cluster Policies in CEE Countries”. MSc. POLIS University, Master of Second Level , Housing and Land Development, 2012; MSc. Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Holland, 2007; MSc. University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics, 2006

ElonaKarafili, is a qualified professional in the field of urban economics and finance, with varied experience portfolio, including several managerial positions. She has actively participated in a number of national and international conferences and seminars. She has a solid background in project management, counting a number of Erasmus+ KA 1, Erasmus+ KA2 and Horizon2020 projects Elona has a 12-year experience as lecturer and researcher. She is a lecturer at POLIS University, where she works as full time academic staff since 2007. She has also been the Head of Internal Quality Assurance Unit .Currently, Elona holds the position of the Vice-Rector of POLIS University. Academic Interest: Urban Economics; City Marketing; Publications: Karafili, E.; Bregasi, L. (2017); “Cluster Policies as an Instrument for Evolutionary Planning”, Urbanistica Dossier, Monographic Journal, INU – IstitutoNazionale di Urbanistica, ISBN 978-88-7603-174-8, pp 165-172; Nientied, P.; Karafili, E. (2016); “Towards a Pragmatic Perspective on Business Innovation in Western Balkan Countries: The Case of Albania”, International Journal of Business and Management, Canadian Center of Science and Education, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/ijbm.v11n3p193; Karafili, E.; Marku, E. (2015) Identities of a Peri-Urban Habitat; The potential for agricultural cluster development in Tirana Book of Proceedings of AESOP 2015 Congress “Definite Space – Fuzzy Responsibility”, ISBN 978-80-01-05782-7, Prague, pp 1975 – 1985; Karafili E. (2015). “Agricultural Cluster Development in Peri-Urban Areas” In POLIS University – University of Ferrara, Albania’s New Sustainable Image – Branding Tirana-Durres Corridor (pp. 82-87). Tirana.

Skënder Luarasi:

Skender Luarasi is an architect and writer. His research investigates the relationship between architecture and geometry. His PhD dissertation focuses on how design processes end, and how the question of finitude intersects with style, geometry and parametricism in history. Luarasi has presented his research in numerous ACSA conferences, and has published in Haecceity, A+P Forum, and other Journals. Skender Luarasi holds a Doctor in Philosophy from the Yale School of Architecture, a Master of Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology. He has taught at the Yale School of Architecture, the Department of Interior Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston Architectural College, the Architecture + Design Program at University of Massachusetts Amherst, the School of Architecture at Washington State University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has worked as a designer for dEcoi architects/MIT Digital Design Group, Kennedy & Violich Architects Ltd and Finegold + Alexander Associates Inc.

Contact person:

PhD*. Eng. Flora Krasniqi
Head of International Unit and Projects/ Lecturer
Universiteti POLIS
Shkolla Ndërkombëtare e Arkitekturës dhe Politikave të Zhvillimit Urban
International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies

Rr. Bylis 12, Autostrada Tiranë-Durrës, Km 5, Kashar
Kodi Postar 1051, Kutia Postare 2995, Tirana, Albania.
Tel:+ 355 (0) 4  240 74 20 / 240 74 21;  Fax:+ 355(0) 4 240 74 22

Cel:+ 355 69 8418177

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