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About the Project

The project aims at developing the capacities of HEIs in Albania and Kosovo, both countries pertaining to region.

1 – Western Balkans, to improve their research and innovation performance.

Besides the traditional training activities such as workshops and study visits, the project foresees establishing new structures in 4 HEIs that will focus research and innovation adopting an inter-disciplinary approach and eventually a close cooperation with partners from businesses and industry in line with the quadruple helix goals.

Additionally the openness of HEIs towards other partners, local and international, will be further enhanced through the development of a network, supported also by a virtual platform that will ease the interaction and synergy among the members.

Dedicated offices for research and innovation or networks for such purpose may be long due and not something new to developed countries, but for this region and for these two countries in specific, characterized by a low trust environment and a highly fragmented eco-system where cooperation, coordination and synergies are scarce, the deliverables of the project constitute a novelty.

Events / News

Meeting between EACEA and Albanian Coordinators

On October 24, 2019, the 2019 Call, granted Albanian Coordinators at the “Capacity Building” program, met with the representatives of EACEA, Anila TROSHANI and Inmaculada RODRIGUEZ. The meeting served as a fruitful training for the Coordinators and the sharing of experiences between the coordinators with more experience was very important element. The project team from

Drive – Success Story

In the framework of the information day “Erasmus Info Day”, the Erasmus + CBHE Project “Development of Research and Innovation Capacities in Albania and Kosovo” / DRIVE was presented. U_POLIS is in the role of Coordinator in this project with a Consortium of 9 partners. The main objective of the project is to establish research

Regional Meeting “Impact in the Western Balkans of the Higher Education Capacity Building Projects”

Although the DRIVE project started implementation in January 2020, during October 2019 it was possible to present a series of activities organized by the European Union in Tirana. On October 22-23, 2019, the Regional Meeting “Impact in the Western Balkans of the Higher Education Capacity Building Projects” took place in Durrës, with over 100 participants,


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Activity 3