Define project mng structures and action plan


In the Kick-off Meeting the consortium will formalize the conditions and the rules behind the cooperation in the partnership agreement which will be discussed and signed by the partners. The Partnership Agreements, as guided by EACEA, are individual contracts with each of the partners with specific tasks, deadlines, responsibilities as described in the respective work packages. The Kick-off Meeting will be held in Albania in the premises of Coordinator (POLIS University) in the second month of the official start of the Project. All partners will attend the Kick-off Meeting with two representatives (preferably a representative of the Management structures and a Coordinator/ Contact Points from every institution, partner in this Consortium.

Three Structures will be established in the Kick-off Meeting: Steering Committee, Managerial Committee, and Project Quality Committee. WP leaders are U_POLIS & University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani”