WP 3

Enhance staff capacity for research

In this Work package various approaches to strengthening research capacity will be taken, including improving the capacity of individual researchers through training courses, supporting collaborative partnerships and developing research leadership skills.

The aim of the proposed activities is to enhance the abilities of individuals, and institutions, to undertake and disseminate high quality research efficiently and effectively.

The first activities are devoted to improving the capacity of individual researchers followed by activities aiming to enhance the institutional capacities for research.

The overall objective of this Work package is to develop and strengthen the Institutional Research Culture and Ethics.

30 researchers from 6 HEIs form Albania and Kosovo, partners in this Consortium, will be trained from highly qualified researchers of EU Institutions, partners in this Consortium. The main topic of the training module will be: publishing in high quality journals IPR and ethics in research etc. The training will be held in Prishtina, in the premises of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” in M5 in the second year of Project Implementation.

The second training will be dedicated to research management staff, and will be held in Tirana, in the premises of the European University of Tirana. Step by step management of the processes of research will be the main objective of this training. In the role of trainers will be 6 research managers from EU Institutions, partners in this project, and a manual for project writing and management will be developed and published. Benchmark systems, quality indicators, motivation of researchers, as well as promotion materials especially dedicated to promote Gender Equality in Research and Innovation, are also important objectives of this WP.


3.1. Training workshop on publishing, IPR, ethics;

3.2. Training workshop on research mng;

3.3. Publish Manuals on project writing and project mng;

3.4. Promote Gender Equality in Research and Innovation;

3.5. Adopt Research Quality Indicators