WP 5

Establish Network of Research Excellence

WP5 aims to initiate a process of intensive collaboration among HEIs of the region in the areas of research and innovation. The project team will play the role of catalysts to facilitate the synergies in research and innovation. WP5 foresees workshops and joint work among consortium members in the region.

The European members develop presentations that illustrate best practices of successful research network development. The team members from partner countries organize two workshops: one in Kosovo and one in Albania and invite academics and faculty from their university and industry experts.

The aim of the first workshop is to define a map of the teaching, research and technology transfer activities of each HEI involved, on the basis of which a roadmap for collaboration areas is defined. The second workshop, starting from the results of the first one, will set the activities to be implemented to achieve the roadmap and the calendar of them.

Based on the common areas of research, the partners in the region will initiate the development of the linkages among research groups in the form of writing common research projects. To support the collaboration among the partners and the communication of the results of the activities, a virtual platform will be developed. Evaluation is based on the analysis of questionnaires distributed during the day of the events and on the analysis of performance indicators such as the number and quality of the research project developed.


5.1. Establish a roadmap for the network;

5.2. Develop a calendar of activities;

5.3. Develop local and international linkages through interdisciplinary research groups;

5.4. Develop a virtual platform