WP 7

Dissemination and Exploitation

This WP aims to gather key stakeholders around DRIVE agenda and ensure that all project outputs and results are transferred outside the partnership and disseminated and used in the most effective way. In order to achieve such objective, transparent instruments of communication will be used, as well as adequate and timely inclusion of the targeted audience for the project. All will be integrated in the Dissemination Strategy, ensuring a smooth roll out of key messages, while synchronizing targeted outreach with project implementation milestones. A variety of communication tools will be used for measuring communication and awareness, raising effectiveness. In order to ensure cohesive delivery of project outputs and results, internal communication activities will be performed concurrent to the external ones.

Based on the Dissemination Strategy the project will develop the following activities:

Dissemination activities:

Project visual identity materials like flyers, posters, roll-ups, brochures, promotional video, interactive and user-friendly website, modular learning and information materials will be developed. The materials will be tailored to the context and the preferences of the target groups, also materials like postcards or film clips will be used to attract young learners.

Newsletters will be published every six months announcing and reporting about relevant achievements and events.

Tailor-made publications will inform and attract different target and user groups, e.g. students, enterprises, HR-experts, researchers, networks and administrations.

A project website shall be dedicated to the project results, with a special corner using interactive features such as “forum”, “contact your peer” section. Such website goes in line with the main focus of DRIVE, to create an innovation and research network in the Western Balkans. The website will also contain a subscribe section where new researchers express their interest in being part on virtual forums and potential meetings.


Project will establish internal and external communication and collaboration facilities and interactive services like help-desk and online conference facility, or networking (foundation of a project community).


7.1. Dissemination Strategy;

7.2. Dissemination Products;

7.3. National info days;

7.4. Final Project conference;

7.5. Dissemination report (interim and final)