WP 8

Project Management

The coordinator is responsible for efficient project coordination, but a basic precondition for a successful project management and sustainability is the willingness of the consortium partners to retain the project’s objectives a high-level priority, to cooperate and to amend their organizational structure/ institutional guidelines accordingly. Partners actively participate in all meetings and activities, as well provide the supporting documentation in a timely manner. Set financial and technical management of the project from partners in line with the EU procedures and according to the requested timetable.

The commitment of project partners to sign the partnership agreement with the coordinator.

Project partners share on a timely manner the required inputs and supporting documentation for the draft of the monitoring reports and the successful development of the external audit procedure. Partner provides information on the state of art of project implementation at their organization, in line with LFM and set indicators. Partner provides feedback to the coordinator in terms of the quality of the activities implemented. As for activities related to project management, in the Kick off Meeting (WP1 Preparation), the Consortium will formalize the conditions and the rules behind the cooperation in the partnership agreement which will be discussed and signed by the partners.


8.1 Day to day mng of the project;

8.2. Mid-Term reporting;

8.3. External Evaluation and Audit;

8.4 Final Reporting